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RE: Native(?) plant ID

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At 04:02 PM 08/07/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>The plant was growing exclusively in shallow, unshaded, fairly still
>>water, mostly over rocky bottoms. Perhaps in less murky water it would
>>grow deeper and/or in muddy bottoms.  I never saw it growing up on the
>>At first glance the plant reminded me very much of Heteranthera
>>zosterifolia.  It was a light green stem plant with 2-3 inch long with
>>gradually tapering leaves usually less than 5 mm wide.  The leaves were
>>alternate-opposed, or possibly in pairs (memory fails me), I seem to
>>remember that the leaves had sheaths at their base - the base of the
>>leaf wrapped around the stem.  There was no petiole.
>>The plants grew to the water surface, but did not stand out of the
>>It put up a single bright-yellow flower on a thin stem.  The flower
>>a couple inches out of the water and was about a centimeter across.  I
>>remember 3 or 4 round petals and a I think I saw a lot of short,
>>cream-colored stamens clustered around the center of the flower.
>Sounds like water star grass, Heteranthera dubia.  The flower, size, habitat
>and leaf arrangement agree with your description.  I've often wondered why
>it isn't a popular aquarium plant, even though one of my references
>recommends it as "an attractive and hardy aquarium plant".  Some pondkeepers
>seem to favor it, and it is cultivated in our city's Botanical Garden pond.