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Getting aquatic plants through US Customs


While I was on a biz trip to China I checked out the main tropical fish
stores in Beijing (clustered by the south gate of the Temple of Heaven, in
case any of you will be there). One of the things that struck me was the
lush stands of Java fern anchored to driftwood. There must have been at
least 100 healthy blades (30-40 plants?) growing on pieces of driftwood 1-2
ft in length and selling for about US $40. As the price was hard to resist,
I was tempted to buy a piece of driftwood with Java fern and bring it back
to the States with me, but didn't want to run foul of US Customs.

Can anyone tell me whether it is in fact possible in such situations to
bring plants into the US, and if so, what the proper procedure for clearing
them through Customs is?