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Re: Interesting Tank Parameters

> Steve wrote: I was very surprised last evening when I visited a planted tank
> enthusiast here in San Francisco and tested his tank water.  I thought I
> would share the information with you, and collect any thoughts you might
> have....

It does sound rather bazare..and that this person has acieved a balance under those
conditions. My thought is what does the long term hold, and how long can this be kept?
What would worry me is the introduction of a lot of decaying organic matter, (all those
live worms) in a substrate of fine sand. Sounds like an open invitation for pathogens,
and a compacting substrate. Tubiflex worms are known for carrying all sorts of crap
Any system requiring such frequent large water changes must be on a fragile balance...in
my opinion..  I would be interested in hearing in a few months if under the reduced
lighting the plants continued to grow, or if at some point they went south...and if
diatomes or other forms of algae appeared.

Robert Paul H