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Subject: Re: Interesting Tank Parameters

>         But my question is-from time to time I have seen statements that
> aquarium plants won't utilize nitrates, that they will only utilize
> various forms of ammonia. Can anyone say definitively that aquatic plants
> will use nitrate? The only way to keep it under control in my tanks seems
> to be water changes, even in my heavily planted tanks. I guess the

Well, with the plants using either nitrates or ammonia it should
keep the nitrates low since the nitrate comes from ammonia.

I've got a medium-stocked 29g tank, medium plant level, and
zero nitrates.  Note that this is on the high-range test, so
there is probably some nitrate, but it's in the 0-10ppm level.

Are you using any plant fertilizer?  Might want to be sure it
doesn't contain nitrates.

Chuck Gadd