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Re: Interesting Tank Parameters

A postscript to this Steve-

	Almost all of my tanks have really heavy Nitrate loads, sometimes
well over 140 ppm. I don't have that heavy of fisk loads in them, part of
it may be that my 14 year old daughter feeds the fish now and I think she
may go heavy on the food.

	Nitrates are a problem because I have found through unfortunate
experience that if they get to high they effect the eyes of the tank
inhabitants and eventually the eyes will disintagrate. I seem to be able
to keep mine under control only through water changes.

	But my question is-from time to time I have seen statements that
aquarium plants won't utilize nitrates, that they will only utilize
various forms of ammonia. Can anyone say definitively that aquatic plants
will use nitrate? The only way to keep it under control in my tanks seems
to be water changes, even in my heavily planted tanks. I guess the
definitive experiment would be to set up a tank with X ammount of
nitrates, no fish or water changes, and then measure to see if they

       Gerry Skau
       ANS BigDial Engineering

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