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Re: Lamotte Potassium test kit question

> From: "Wilson" <jwilson at knology_net>
> Subject: Lamotte Potassium test kit question
> "When using tetraphenylboron powder and a colorimeter to test for potassium,
> carry a reagent blank through the procedure. Subtract the results of the
> reagent blank from all subsequent tests."

	I don't think I would have worded it in quite such an abstruse fashion!
> I think this means that if I was using a colorimeter, I would run a
> distilled water sample through the test to determine a baseline to subtract
> from future tests. Is this correct?

	That is what I would do, and I think that is what they mean.  I like
to check test kits with known blanks and solutions of known concentration.
In general, I have been pleased with the results.  The test here is a
turbidity one, rather than a colour one, which leads to a bit more of a
"zero point" problem.  The water might be a bit cloudy for other reasons.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada