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Light for a 10 gallon plant tank....

I have a question on the lighting for a 10 gallon plant tank.  I recently
set up this tank about 4 weeks ago.  I have had success with my plants,
the only plant not doing well is one green foxtail, which i know needs
lots of light.  However, with my one 15 watt 10,000k bulb I have troubles
with it heating the water a little and raising the temp above the safe
zone.  Now i have heard of some people using 2 or 3 15 watt bulbs on a ten
gallon.  Isn't this too much light?  Is my 1 15 watt too little.  I know
you want about 1-2 watts per gallon, do i have to buy a twin tube light
for my 10 gallon, or is there another way i can get more light in the
tank without buying a brand new hood?  Do I really need more light?  My
nutrients and CO2 levels are great, (I have a yeast reactor).  Any
comments on this would be appreciated.