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Re: Substrate research

"Kevin Jones" <spikes37 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I agree entirely that the clay-based soils here in the lower mainland are 
> excellent for our purposes. ...
> If you would like a sample of this mix, I could 
> bring some to the next meeting.  which I hope to attend if work permits it.

I have another tank which has some clay sent to my by Dave Huebert and
Chris Teichreb but I have not planted it yet. I'd like to get a nice A
madagascariensis for it before starting it up. That river silt/clay came
from the McKenzie River delta in the NWT and according to Dave, supports
the most luxuriant aquatic plant growth he has ever seen. Since you have
already evaluated the Hume creek mud as excellent, I think I will try
some clay from around Cloverdale next. I heard there are large clay
deposits there. I tend to shy away from mud from rivers because of a
fear of filament algae, nematodes and aquatic insects which might eat
plant roots. From what reports I've heard, river mud is pretty darn good
stuff though.

I was also thinking that the Vancouver aquatic plant group should make a
plant order from Tropica this fall. We could get some Barclaya, Anubias
and Aponogetons which are not available from the Singaporean distributor
we got the last two orders from.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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