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Re: Substrate research

Steve Pushak wrote:

>mixed cobbles, sand and silt together with a surface topsoil humus
>created primarily from decomposing tree leaves. I live on a hill which
>was created by glaciers, probably where a river was running off the
>surface of the Fraser valley glacier and depositing its cobble stones
>and gravel. There are other areas in the lower mainland around Vancouver
>which have significant clay deposits left by the Fraser river. These
>clays are also probably of glacial origins. The clay soils would make
>far superior substrates in comparison to my rocky subsoil. It seems my

My two cents on this subject Steve,  I live in North Porth coquitlam, right 
in the middle of a hug patch of green belt.  I'm a few minutes away from the 
pit river and Hyde Creek runs almost through my backyard.  Anyway there are 
VERY noticable clay deposits that are sever feet thick on the banks of hyde 
creek that are covered by about 2-4 feet of soil, mostly decomposing leaves 
and needles, and the like.  There is however an area where the two mix that 
is a few inches thick.  I set up a ten gallon tank using the mix.  The tank 
had three 15 watt tubes, no heater, and an aquaclear mini.  I only added 
some micronized iron to the substrate.  I left it alone with a yeast CO2 
generator and performed only regular maintenence.  I had the greatest 
success in this hobby I'd ever had.

I agree entirely that the clay-based soils here in the lower mainland are 
excellent for our purposes.  It's messy work getting the stuff and don't let 
and don't try walking around in the creek in the winter or fall, because or 
salmon eggs and such. But it was worth the work.

I sold the tank as it was to a friend of mine who knew little or nothing of 
the hobby and it is working for her just as it had  for me, except she is 
not using any form of CO2.  If you would like a sample of this mix, I could 
bring some to the next meeting.  which I hope to attend if work permits it.


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