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Re: heat cables/laterite

From: krandall at world_std.com
Subject: Heating Cables
>Heating cables: where do we stand on the availability of Dupla
>or is everyone now resorting to DIY cables?  Thanks for your thoughts,

Most of us don't bother.<g>

Hi Karen, thanks for the reply.  I guess then that you are getting what
you consider long term stability in your tanks without cables?  Has
anyone played with external heat tape or wire (as seen at
http://www.beanfarm.com/heating.htm#Heating Supplies or
http://www.bushherp.com/heating.html), which are easily controlled with
a cheap rheostsat?  It seems that these could be set up with similar

Moving up, laterite.  Now that we are Dupla-less, what is the acceptable
substitute for 100% laterite?  "First Layer?"

Thanks, Kevin
Kevin Zippel
Department of Herpetology
WCS/Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY 10460
(718) 220 8683 or 5042