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Re: Cloudy Water

	Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 13:59:29 -0700
	From: Ryan Ingram <rwingram at ucdavis_edu>
	Subject: Re: Cloudy Water

	    it sounds like you may have a yeast outbreak from your DIY
CO2 system.
	This happened to me once and it was a real pain to correct. It's
hard to
	diagnose without seeing it, but I remember mine was a thick,
	cloudniness and there were also little white "fuzz" spots on the
sides of
	the glass, plant leaves, filter tubes, etc. I ended up tearing
down the
	tank and starting over, but you may try doing a huge water
change(close to
	100%), plus a really good gravel vacuum. By your description, it
	like that's what it is, but I hope I'm wrong. Did you shake your
CO2 bottle
	or anything like that?

	I had the same problem.  I did daily 50% water changes and add
an air stone and it clear up in a week.