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Cloudy Water

Jeff Malmquist has a problem with cloudy water-

Jeff, in my opinion, I still believe you may have green water.  I had the
same problem and went through much heartache like you.  My tank had what I
would describe as white cloudy water.  Like yours, mine would temporarily
get somewhat better after water changes.  The only reason why is because
you were removing some of the green water and replacing it with clean
water.  You weren't totally ridding the tank of the problem.  During my
troubles I didn't have any idea what was going on either and while trying
to figure out what the problem was I never even thought that it could be
green water.  I did a lot of research in the Krib and came to the
conclusion that it was INDEED green water.  

What I'm going to suggest should help, even if it isn't green water.  There
is much written about certain additives (chemicals) for green water, but I
do not believe that is the best way to go.  What I did was purchase the
Whisper Diatomagic Filter from www.thatpetplace.com (cheapest place I found
@ $69.99) .  If you do not already know, diatom filters differ from others
because they have the capability of filtering out single celled organisms
such as unicellular algae.  Green water is composed of many unicellular

This is no exagerration.  I could barely see in my 26 gallon and after
using the Diatomagic filter it was crystal clear in a matter of a few
minutes.  Curious thing is the filter cartridge kind of had a greenish hue
to it when I removed it.  That is what makes me think most that I did have
green water even though it looked white in the tank.  I have not had a
problem with green water since.  

Also, the diatomagic filter isn't intended to be used full-time.  The way
the filter works is actually with a powder that clings to the filter
cartridge and it forms the tiniest spaces which allows water to flow
through, but catches all other things.  Because of this, it would clog
quickly if used full-time.  Now you may be saying $69.99 is alot for a
one-time use.  Although I no longer have the green water problems I
occassionally pull my Diatomagic out to polish the tank after I have done
things such as moving plants around, pruning, or whatever which may have
disturbed things and caused debris to float around.  It is a real gem to
have, a worthy investment in my mind.

One other side note is you will get enough filter powder to use with the
purchase of the filter.  However, the powder is only good for a one time
use.  Extra packets are sold for $2.49.  You will probably have an easy
time finding the same thing at your local swimming pool store.  It will be
called something like diatomaceous earth (DE is what my pool store called
it).  That is the white powder.   The cost? $9.99 for a 25 lb. bag!  

Let me know how things go.

Good Luck,

Mike G.
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