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Crustaceans in soft water

>Rich D'Ottavio mentions he lost a few amano shrimps. Rich, you mentioned 
>that your pH is 4.5, and at that scale, I would have to guess your water is 
>really, really soft as well. Although I have never tried amano in soft 
>acidic water, i have lost a ghost shrimp or three from some of my 
>"experiments" in such conditions; I then concluded crustacens don't do well 
>in soft acidic.

While it may very well be true that Amano shrimp don't do well in soft
water, (in fact, I'd suspect that you are correct) there are actually many
crustaceans that do fine in extremely soft water.  We found many, many
shrimp up on the Rio Negro where hardness was unmeasurable.  We also found
fresh water crabs and tennis ball sized apple snails in the same conditions.