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Cloudy Water

First off, I would like to thank everyone who responed to my last post !  I 
have tried all sugestions, and am still having problems with cloudy water.  
Most of you said that I was a little vague, as to my problem, so I will try 
to explain it a little better.

My tank is not your typical tank size, it's made by "jewel aquarium" out of 
Germany, it's 47 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 20 inches tall, I have a 4 
inch base of gravel and "sera floradepot" with laterite balls place in 
different areas.  Lighting is provided by 4 GE spx50 4 foot T-8's powered by 
an ice cap ballast, which comes on for about 11 hours daily.  CO2 is 
automated pressure system, controlled at a PH of 6.6.

Water parameters are as follows, Ph 6.6, kH 4-5, GH 5-7, Temp 78 deg, 
nitrates 0, phosphates 0, Iron about 4ml, Filter system is an internal foam 
pad system, 4 pads total. 2 fine pore and 2 coarse pore, filter is built into 
the tank.  Water changes are done every week with 10 gals at a time.

Fish load is a follows,  6 SAE's, 12 cardinal tetra's, 1 pair of checker 
board cichlids, 1 lone ghost shrimp, 3 tiny lampeyes.

I have tried daily water changes, diatom filter, accu-clear 2 days, 2 days no 
lights.  I think i'm dealing with a bacteria problem, but don't know how to 
tell, when I tried adding a bacteria culture "cycle" the water is now even 
more cloudy!  As you can all tell I'm getting very frustrated, with what 
seems like something so simple.
By the way the tank has been running for about 2 years now, and is heavily 
planted.  Plants are growing very well, great coloration both reds and 
greens. Have not found a plant yet that I haven't been able to grow.

Please Help, I'm relying on your help.
Thank for your help, I know It's kind of a long post.

Mark Tuma, Mtuma64 at aol_com