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RE:10 000 k lights

My understandig is that color temperature is an indication of the appearance
of ligh. Cooler lights look redish and hotter lights look more blue. So
something illuminated by a 5,600k lamp will render colors like in normal
daylight. Color temperature is mor relatet to how will things will look when
illuminated by that lamp( redish, natural or bluer)

My understanding is that those lights are used for rift aquarium to simulate
daylight under the ocean (sea water absorbs the red part of the visble light
so as you go deeper things look bluer, at 3 feet deep, if you bleed, your
blood looks green!)

What is important for plants is to receive light energy in the frequency
that the plant can use it for photosinthesys. An eficient lamp for plants is
one that  emits most of its energy  in the frequency used by the plant. That
may not be the most pleasing illumination.

Well, what I really want to tell you is that lighting will become better or
worst to plants not because color temperature but spectral distribution...



Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 03:23:04 PDT
From: "Raymond Wong" <myapisto at hotmail_com>
Subject: 10 000k lights

Hi everybody!

my friend just sold his mini reef system but he has a couple of 10,000k
corallife trichromatic 36" tubes (new ones!!) left which fits perfectly for
my planted tank.. currently i'm using 6500k flourscent bulbs in my home made
canopy.. do you guys know what the difference in plant growth would be if i
used these 10,000k instead of the 6,500k i'm normally using... would it be
better or worst for the plants.. (i think sunlight is around 6500k or so
something around that..) the tank is 24" deep (from top to bottom) and i'm
growing plants like glosostigma whithout any problems..

thanks people!

Raymond Wong