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Re: Cloudy Water

>I need some help with my tank.  The water is undergoing some sort of
>clouding.  The water is a white opaque color.

>Here is the tank info:

>with yeast CO2 injection.

>I'm out of ideas.  Can anyone help?


I had this same problem a few months ago and lost all the fish in my tank.
Basically my yeast bottle got sucked into the tank, As I was introducing
the CO2 to filter for initial diffusion.  The filter basket clogged with
detritus, and sucked on the CO2 tube enough to cause a problem.

I did a few water changes, including a couple nearly 100%, but residual
yeast and sugar in the tank caused it to come back.  My only solution was
to tear down the tank, rinse the plants, gravel, and driftwood, and start
over with new fish.

You might have better luck than I, but I wouldn't hesitate to move the fish
to a different tank with completely new water.


Thayer Syme
San Francisco
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