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Re: Cloudy Water

    it sounds like you may have a yeast outbreak from your DIY CO2 system.
This happened to me once and it was a real pain to correct. It's hard to
diagnose without seeing it, but I remember mine was a thick, milky
cloudniness and there were also little white "fuzz" spots on the sides of
the glass, plant leaves, filter tubes, etc. I ended up tearing down the
tank and starting over, but you may try doing a huge water change(close to
100%), plus a really good gravel vacuum. By your description, it sounds
like that's what it is, but I hope I'm wrong. Did you shake your CO2 bottle
or anything like that?
>Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 12:17:01 -0700
>From: "Jeff Malmquist" <jmalm at uclink4_berkeley.edu>
>Subject: Cloudy Water
>I need some help with my tank.  The water is undergoing some sort of
>clouding.  The water is a white opaque color.  I thought maybe green water
>blooms, but its white.  I've tried water changes, but they only temporarily
>fix the problem.  Within a day, the water clouds up again.  I searched the
>archives and found nothing on it.  Someone suggested better filtration, so I
>upgraded from an aquaclear 200 to a fluval 203 (on a 20 gallon tank), doing
>a water change with the filter change.  The cludiness faded, and then
>returned again a day later, even with the heavier filtration
>Here is the tank info: 20 Gal, Fluval 203 for filtration, heavily planted,
>and large fish population of mostly tetras and cories, with two swordtails,
>some sae's, and two algae eating shrimp.  pH around 6.6, with yeast CO2
>injection.  Almost 0 on ammonia and nitrites.  kH is around 4-5 (I can't
>find my test kit).  I add Tetra Florapride, but it still clouds over if I
>don't add the fertilizer.
>I'm out of ideas.  Can anyone help?
>Jeff Malmquist