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Re: Substrate research

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Jamie Johnson wrote:


> I did analysis on 3 samples: Fluorite, Wal-Mart Special Kitty litter,
> and soil from my garden.

It's great information to have, Jamie.  Your kitty litter shows up very
well in these analyses.  I was surprised by the fairly high acid-leachable
potassium in both kitty litter and Flourite.


> Three things caught my eye. First, where did my garden get Pb
> from??

We created almost ubiquitous Pb contamination of surface rocks and soils
through a long history of using leaded gasoline.  I've read that leaded
fuels are the main source of Pb in many soils.  I noticed that copper and
zinc are also elevated in your soil.  Copper, zinc and lead are often
naturally associated in ore deposits, so you can get the three of them
elevated together by either living near a smelter wher Cu-Pb-Zn ores are
processed or by living in an area where there are Cu-Pb-Zn deposits
contributing to the soils.

Roger Miller