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Re: Amano Shrimp

I thought it was pretty strange that I would see this right after all   
this talk about them, so I thought I should share.

I recently purchased an otto to help the cleaning staff in my tank.   
 Yesterday afternoon I was watching the tank and noticed one of my Yamato   
shrimp repeatedly attempt to clean the otto's head.  Needless to say the   
otto was very displeased.  So... if you have fish which like to lie   
around a lot, I'd suggest that you watch the Shrimp and make sure they're   
not bothering anybody.  (not that you could punish them)

I'm not sure what I will do about it, I think the otto will eventually   
learn to move when the shrimp come around.  Or maybe I'll have to get rid   
of the otto (since I could never catch all of the shrimp).  They're   
pretty tough buggers (except for low ph) I've even seen big shrimp face   
off with a two inch tiger barb for food, and win.

I've never seen any leftovers of suicidal shrimp, but I lost about five   
red claw (thai) crabs to their curious and adventurous travels (one even   
met me at the front door!!).  They always seemed to get out right at the   
wrong time, so that by the time I got home, they were dried out and   
unhappy.  btw, these guys won't eat java fern/moss, so if you like them   
(I think they look like little boxers), you can keep them in a low light   
tank with fast fish (they live up to their names and come running out   
like crabby old men to claim their food).  They will, however, shread   
most stem plants.