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New tank

Hi All

I just bought a new tank.  Went over board actually,it's a 6x2x2.  Didn't
think about because it was such a good deal, but now, back to the real
world,  how do I get enough light into it?  I was thinking of MHDs, but
decided against due to the heat, initial cost and running cost.
Florescent?  I think I will need a combinations of 48" and 24" to cover the
span of the tank  -  12-16 tubes in all!

Today I came across a 58 watt 60" tube 6000K.  I figured that 6-8 tubes
would do the trick, but if I put the tubes in the center of the tank, both
ends will have 6" where there is no light directly overhead.  How much will
this effect the tank?  I guess I could put all the lower light stuff at the
ends!  Or stagger the lights, but that would means that now 12" on either
side will have only half the amount of lights the rest of the tank has!

Help!  Any advise will be welcomed!