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Amazon Sword Propagation/ Elodea

1) I have a "giant" large amazon sword - I think it is Echinodorus Cordifolius -
which has grown two large stalks which have round fruit and recently lots of
little white flowers.  The stalks are about three to four feet long and run above
the water.  Can the plant be propagated by planting the little fruits?  If so,
when is the best time to collect them and how do you plant them.   The plant has
put out runners in the past but they werent succesful (probably due to

Regarding plant identity, this sword is 16 inches below the water and 4 inches
above the water to the base of the leaves.   The leaves are shaped like hearts -
5 inches wide, 8 inches long with a central vein and 4 veins (3 big one small) on
either side.

2) Can anyone tell me a quick an easy way to differentiate egeria densa from
Elodea canadensis?  (or recommend a good plant book).