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Test kits

At 03:48 AM 7/31/99 -0400, Steve Bansee asked:
>I am going to try the Sears/Conlin system and was wondering if you can
>recomend a good Iron and Nitrate test kit.  I really don't wanna spend alot,
>thats why I'm asking.  I know that Lamotte makes great test kits, but, its a
>little too much for me ($wise).  I can get Seachem Iron test kit for around
>$22.00 cdn, would this work?

This is the next area I am going to work on (along with AH Lighting,
Aquarium Plant Magazine and building four houses).  I recommend Sera Iron
test kit along with my modified instructions and now have it available.  It
will be on the web site soon.  If anyone has any ideas how not to lose
one's shirt selling low cost items without excessive markup please email me
offline.   For nitrate I highly recommend the Seachem kit, it is a real
winner.  $22CDN is a little high tho.   Everyone, please email me offline
if you use Seachem Nitrate kit and if so what you paid for it.   Many thanks.

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