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Re: Re: Trace element supplementation/fertilization

The trouble is, commercial preparations that don't disclose ingredients
> >leave you in a state of perpetually never knowing what you are doing,
> >whether you think you do or not.  I moved quickly to PMDD to overcome
> that
> >commercially enforced state of ignorance.  At the time I didn't know any
> >more about what I was doing than what I gleaned from the Sears-Conlin
> paper.
> >Plant fertilizer is really simple stuff once you know what is in each
> >component of a fertilizer regime and why it is there.

This is why I put together a matrix of the ingriedients of several
fertilizers, for those who wanted to know what was in them to perhaps
help determin
which one would suit their particular need...not to suggest which is the
all time best
fertilizer to use, as someone else once suggested.

Robert Paul H
lots of pics, info, & plants for sale