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Re: Steve P. on Aquascaping

> James wrote:
> > Amano is to Aquascaping what Martha Stewart is to Style. <
> There must be as many styles to creating an aquascape as there are
> styles of painting. To say that Amano is the epitome of perfection in
> aquascaping is just as subjective as saying that Vincent Van Gogh is the
> epitome of perfection in painting. Both are masters in their respective
> styles. Aquascaping is similar to art in that defining what is good is
> subjective.

True, but I didn't exactly say that I think that Amano is the epitome of
perfection, just as I don't think Martha is anything other than a _very_
good business person. Amano is _good_, but so are lots of other folks.
Martha is just Martha...

> To see an example of this, take a look at some of the images of the C.
> blassii on my web pages http://home.infinet.net/teban/Oct97/oct97.html
> These dramatic colours are real; I used halogen spotlights directed
> below and to the side to illuminate the leaves. I did not adjust the
> colour balance or gamma on these images. The overall brightness of the
> image was increased until it looked right on _my_ monitor.

The color comes through on my monitor as a very nice, very intense red, and
the brightness of the image is fine as well, but the image appears to have a
"milky" cast over it, at least on my monitor - something along the lines of
what (I believe) Roger Miller described the other day. He described a
technique of adjusting the histograms of the image using software. I believe
that Roger uses Linux, so the software he has available would be more easily
available and certainly cheaper than something available for Mac or Windows
systems (and probably better written to boot).

I agree with you when you speak of the clarity of the image - it feels like
your nose is right up against the glass, looking at the plants.

James Purchase