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Shrimp & Flourish

In a message dated 7/31/99 3:07:52 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

Living in Baton Rouge does not afford the greatest variety of aquatic 
specimens. Althought some of the local guys have been recently turned on to 
the Otocinlus and its benefits. I cannot say that I have had the opportunity 
to see an Amano shrimp. But due to the great fishing there are many Glass 
(grass) shrimp to be had here. You can purchase them for 10 cents a piece 
here. Seemed like a deal to me. You do have to buy them from a local discount 
mart, so I typically quarantine them for a few days to be safe. My question 
is has any one had both Amano and Glass shrimp, and can you tell me is it 
worth looking for the expensive Amano version?

Next, I raise Guppies( in other tanks than the shrimo tank) and have been 
trying to get java moss, Water sprite and some other easy plants to grow. I 
do not know if some of you recall I have had some trouble with water quality, 
and have made some posts concerning this in the past. What I need help with 
today is Flourish. I purchased some recently (mail order) and upon recieving 
it was suprise that the contents were not given. Does any body know what is 
in Flourish? One of the reasons I was purchasing it was I was hoping it might 
help with my water being 0 gH.

I also want to keep carbon in the water for my guppies. What can I expect 
this to do to my plants? I really like the cover that Java moss gives in the 
breeding tanks. Will it survive and grow with a carbon box filter? Do I need 
to supplement with something other than Flourish? I have been using Leaf Zone 
for iron and plan on changing to Flourish Iron when I run out. Oh, yes I 
forgot to mention, I have the plants in 2" clay pots with Flourite. 

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.   <' III><