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Re: Amano Shrimp

Rich D'Ottavio writes:

> Just thought that I had to bring up all the negatives on these $%$ shrimp.  
>  I'm sure that ymmv.  I have tried them twice.  My tank parameters are:  pH 
>  4.5, temp 82F, no other problems.  I keep an Amazon only tank:  discus, 
>  keyholes, tetras, and corys.  Never lost a fish due to the shrimp, 
>  << 1. How do they affect the bioload on a tank? Wouldn't 50 in a 29 gallon 
>   tank leave no room for fish? Amano suggests even more than that, but I 
>   suspect he does hourly water changes. :) >>
>  Don't know, they never lived long enough for me see a difference.  I had 
>  in a 125 gallon, and in one week, they were gone.  I had 8 in a 15 gallon 
> and 
>  in two weeks, they were dead.  Notice the difference dead means I saw them 
>  dead, gone means I never saw them again.

At a pH of 4.5, I would think the shrimp would lose their shells so fast they 
wouldn't even survive a week.  That's pretty low.  If it is the pH out of the 
tap, you should move from plants to dwarf cichlids.  I know of several that 
would do great at that acidity, but you would need to bring the temp down a 
degree or two.  Or you could bring it up a couple degrees and get serious 
with the discus thing.

Bob Dixon