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RE: plant ID

>From: "Joe Anderson" <the_submariner at hotmail_com>
>Subject: plant id/suggestions
>I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a plant id adn some 
>1.  on page 23 of Baensch's Atlas Vol 2 there is a "cactus" like plant in 
>the left margin.  Any idea what this is?
I think your looking at the L. major? Egeria najas works very much like(* if
it's not this plant in the first place) this also and would be better
suited. The stuff grows fast for us out in SF. Mr.Dixon and myself have 2
inch growth rates daily. Beautiful dark green plant. Not as ratty as the
common anacharis. Makes nice bunches.

>2. (the reason i was looking through my books) I would like an upright (not 
>flowing like cabomba/hornwort etc) platn similar in appearance to Eusteralis 
>stellata (pg 22) or either Eichornia diversifolia or Lagarosiphon 
>madagascariensis (pg 49)

All these are not the easiest to grow plants. I'm not saying don't try
them..........but. L madagas is like other Egeria type plants except it is
sort of ratty looking and needs a ton of light. I'd pass (and I did!) on
this one. The other two are beauts but not easy to care for. Eusteralis
seems to sensitive like the Ammania's, Neasea, but can grow very fast like
them also. 
The Eichhornia is a gorgeous plant indeed, and one of my favorites. I have
just learned to grow it well. It hasn't been an easy one to learn. 

>I prefer something taht will "fill in" but will not start to grow all over 
>th tank.  I've seen a similar looking plant in some of Amano's pictures and 
>i believe G. Booth has something like this as well, but i couldn't find it 
>on his site last night.(too tired to continue looking)
>Any helpful info about any of these plants would be appreciated.
>Availability might be a deciding factor as well.  I will prob mail order all 
>the plants for my new tank.
>Also. what are your thoughts/experience with Houttuynia cordata?  Found 
>something that I believe to be this at an LFS last week.  I've got three 
>stalks in each of three diff tanks to see which type of environment it likes 
>Thanks again

Tom Barr