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Amano shrimp questions

A reader asks:

2. How do they (Amano shrimp) get along with other
tank inhabitants? Do they eat snails? 
Do they get along with Cory cats and Peckolitas? Do
they get eaten by fish?

I have 5 in one tank and 3 in another; the shrimp get
along great with the fish and snails.  They eat algae,
fish food, and detritus and have grown quite a bit
since I got them a few months ago.
They get along with my Peckolita just fine.

At first, the fish were curious about the shrimp and
went up to them, but the shrimp have this way of
darting off backwards when they are startled, so the
fish stopped bothering them, since the darting
movement startled THEM!  All the original shrimp
have survived in my tanks, even the two that got
caught in the filter and ended up in the bottom of the
Eheim cannister (! - it was an accident; I had this
stupid idea to get the Eheim surface skimmer and it
was nothing but trouble.  The worst of it was, animals
could get sucked in.  Don't get this).

Roxanne Bittman