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Re: Riccia and Hairgrass

Thomas Barr has had some bad experiences with the sinking variety of Riccia.
I've never been able to locate the sinking variety, so I have had to make do
with the floating variety and have tried numerous things to keep it in place
at the bottom of several tanks. There ARE some methods which will work, for
a time. But the effort involved in upkeep and maintenance seems out of
proportion to the visual impact of the effect - at least for me.

Tom also spoke about Amano's habit of bringing plantings right up to the
front glass - like Tom, this doesn't appeal to me. But to each his own, I

One thing which a lot of people seem to fail to realize is that in many ways
Amano is to Aquascaping what Martha Stewart is to Style. Some great ideas,
IF you have a staff of paid minions in the background to do the grunt work.
I don't have the luxury.

James Purchase