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Anubias sp. and non-species

John wrote:

>From your description it does sound like the real Anubias Nana, the Nana that 
>you have could most likely be Barteri or Barteri var. Nana, the real nana is 
>quite small.

There is no such species as "Anubias nana".  _ALL_ nana is Anubias barteri
var. nana.  It is a very variable plant with leaves ranging from ovate to
cordate.  I've seen plants under poor growwth conditions that looked green
and otherwise healthy with leaves no more that 1/8" in diameter.  It's also
not uncommon to see it with leaves up to 2" long.  A.b. barteri is also
quite variable, and at the extremes, both can be quite similar.  IMO, the
only (fairly) sure way to tell which one you're dealing with is the length
of the petiole.  In nana, the petiole is short enough that the leaves stay
down close to the rhizome.  In A.b. barteri, the petiole is at least as
long as the leaf, giving the plant a taller, more open look.  But the
absolute size of the leaves won't tell you.  I've seen barteri stunted down
to nana size too.

>Without a picture it is almost impossible to tell.

I'll agree with you there!