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Boy this _is_ an oldie.

Tom Wood wrote:

>> I never said I was fine tuning anything.  I don't play the 'aquatic
>> gardening as rocket science' game.  I just want to know what I am putting
>> in my tank, and why.  Although I do have to trust that Paul knew what he
>> was doing when he and Kevin chose the Plantex CSM trace element mix, I
>> doubt it really matters all that much.  The amount needed is "some", with
>> iron acting as a proxy for measuring. And even then, the iron test kits we
>> use are unreliable because of the chelants.  My point was that when using
>> a commercial fertilizer, there is no way of knowing what is being added if
>> it isn't disclosed. 

Of course, you are going on the assumption that there are not commercial
aquarium fertilizer mixes that _DO_ state their ingredients.  This is a
false assumption.  The one I use does, and that's one of the reasons I use
it.  The other is that it works better (for micronutrient supplementation)
than anything else I've used, including roll your own.

>This doesn't have to be all that complicated. 

You've got that right ;-)