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Re: C. japonica Stocking

on 01:48 AM 7/30/99 , Dan P wrote:

 >Now for my two cents. I love these guys! They eat everything from 
detritus to
 >BBA. They are worth every penny. And when you buy fifty of them, those
 >pennies add up! :)

OK, since they're the topic of the day, I have a few questions about these 

1. How do they affect the bioload on a tank? Wouldn't 50 in a 29 gallon 
tank leave no room for fish? Amano suggests even more than that, but I 
suspect he does hourly water changes. :)

2. How do they get along with other tank inhabitants? Do they eat snails? 
Do they get along with Cory cats and Peckolitas? Do they get eaten by fish?

3. Joe's web site says they don't really eat BBA. Is the jury still out on 
this? (since I currently have more species of alga in my tank than plants, 
I'm sure they'd eat *something* though.)

Thanks, the answers to these questions will help me decide whether to add 
any shrimp to my tank, ignoring for the moment the fact that they're not 
likely to show up at an LFS here in Utah anytime soon.

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