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Re: CF lighting


I would strongly suggest that anyone reading this article view it with a
critical eye.  I emailed both the author and icecap when it first came out.
I never heard back from icecap, and the author basically said "Its true!  It
really works!" and totally ignored my multiple requests for hard numbers or
other scientific data.  Icecaps do run NO tubes brighter-this is visible
with the naked eye.  I'll be stunned, however, if they are being run at
anywhere near the output this article implies.

Justin Collins, in Bellingham, WA, where its cloudy again.

> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 14:23:44 -0700
> From: The Eng Family <engfam at axion_net>
> Subject: Re: CF lighting.
> Hi James,
> I just remembered another option that you could use.  FAMA had an article
> (April 99 I think) about using NO fluorescent lights that would run at
> higher wattages while using their IceCap VHO electonic ballasts (so a 40
> watt bulb running 60 watts using IceCap 440 and 80 watts using IceCap
>  You can find the article at the IceCap website at:
> www.icecapinc.com.
> So you can run 4 -40 watt GE SPS65 lights at 80 watts each (320 total).
> This bulb has a very similar lighting pattern as the National (Panasonic)
> 6700K CF light.
> I hope this helps.  Good Luck.
> Sincerely,
> Victor Eng Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
> engfam at axion_net