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Re: aquascaping the front corners

Roger Miller asked:
>>What do y'all do
>>there?  What about the special case of heavily shaded corners?

And Karen Randall answered:
>One way I handle front corners is to use a taller plant in at least one of
>them.  This allows the plant to use light up closer to the top of the tank.

Which gave me the strength to admit that I do the same--with Egeria Densa
(Acharis) nonetheless!  Why?  Gives me a place to keep a small colony of
the stuff going in case I need to beat down the nitrogen levels later.  
Keeps it in the front where it's easy to prune and I can keep an eye on

Sometimes when I'm in the mood I let it grow up to the water-level and
over across the front/top of the tank, framing the tank with a green arch
window which contrasts nicely with the red stuff behind, making the tank
look _deep_.  And when I get tired of that look, I pull all but 2-3
strands and you can just about see through it.

Bottom line: Adding tall plants all across the front pane is clearly a
no-no.  But a few in the front, especially at the edges, can look very

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