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CF Lighting Recommendations Needed

I've been looking over the "CF Bright Kits" offered by AH Supply and I'm
seriously considering chucking the 3 175W MH Pendants over my 130G, 6' long
tank (the MH ballasts have caused me no end of headaches and I'd rather NOT
sink any more money into replacing them).

A friend from my local plant group seems quite satisfied with 4 55W CF over
her 120G, 4' long tank, so I'm thinking that perhaps 6 55W CF would perform
well over the 6' length of my tank.

I know that the Watts/Gallon "rule" is at best only a rough guide, but this
would work out to only 2.5 W/G, whereas my MH Pendants (when they _worked_
properly) provided 4 W/G.

I have absolutely _no_ experience with this new generation of CF bulbs and
am wondering if 6 55W tubes will be enough, or should I plan on 9 instead

I'm sure that some of you must be using CF bulbs over 6' long tanks - and
I'd love to hear what you'd recommend.


James Purchase