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Re: Marbles, Fertilizer, and Water Flow

>From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at homemail_com>
>Subject: Marbles, Fertilizer, and Water Flow
>Water flow below the surface is good for plants (breaks downs some type of
>barrier on the leaves - I forget what it is called). You should minimize
>surface agitation to prevent the escape of any CO2 you might have in the
>water. However, you need to balance the agitation with how much O2 your fish
>need. If you have a lot of fish and few plants, you will probably have to
>agitate the surface enough to introduce some O2.

I would like to add another case where you would want surface agitation: 
when there are lots of plants and light, and no CO2 supplement, you 
probably want to stir up the surface to help bring in atmospheric CO2 
faster.  I had to do this for my 1-gallon tank at work.  The pH was going 
off the chart when the sunlight hit the plants--biogenic 
decalcification?  I had to add an air stone to keep the pH under control.


Hoa G. Nguyen
Freshwater Planted Aquarium: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/