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Re: Snail Infestation

>Hey everybody. I'm just starting to grow aquatic plants, I plan to put fish 
>in with the plants but first I'm going to let the plants grow for a while. 
>My question is this, I was just looking at my aquarium and noticed some 
>almost microscopic snails crawling around. I also noticed that one of my 
>Hygrophila difformis is starting to brown. I really want to get rid of the 
>snails but don't know how. Any help would be GREATLY appriciated,

Snails come in all different shapes sizes and colors.  Some people love
them, some people hate them.  Assuming these are the snails you want to get
rid of here are some (not all) possible solutions...

1. weak potassium permanganate solution:
pros and cons:  don't know, never tried
see below for details...

2. clown loaches is my preferential solution.  remember, they love to have
pros: simple, extremely effective
cons: if you don't want them, then you have created another problem

3. the cucumber/algae flake/tasty grub technique - placing a tasty treat in
the middle of the tank on a saucer, when they have sat down for dinner,
remove the saucer
pros: very simple
cons: won't get ALL the snails out (at least for all the people I know)
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the anti-snail kind of guy

darin at silcom_com