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Fertilizer & water current question from the newbie


O.K., I have my new Java Fern anchored in the marbles (remember me- the one
with the un-plant friendly tanks?) and the Anubias Nana and Java Moss is due
in to the LFS any day now. I now have 2 questions:

1. Should I use fertilizer? As I said, there is no gravel or sub strata - just
the marbles, so I assume I would have to use something that goes right in the
water. Should I do this and if so, what is a good brand name and/or product?

2. Water flow - I currently have one of those Air Curtains that hooks up to
your air pump and creates a wall of bubbles. It looks nice. However, I recall
something about live plants not liking much water movement ... something about
CO2 (remember, I'm very new to live plants!)

Any and all help will be VERY appreciated!!!



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