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Plants and algae

>I have place some plants in my pond and
after a very long time they have
>grown and become very thick!  The
problem now is that some of the plants
>has algae all over them!  What is the
best way to treat them?  Arethey
>destined for destruction or there is a
way to save them?

There saw an article on the internet
about controlling algae in ponds using
barley straw. I bookmarked it but it
seems to have been removed from the
server. I doubt if you have this
material in the Philipines but you could
probably substitute something else. They
were not sure why the barley straw
worked but the theory was that the humic
acids released by the straw react with
sunlight to form peroxide? and inhibit
the growth of the algae. Anyway, if the
theory were accurate then I would
imagine peat would also work for this
purpose. The rate of application of the
straw was about 10 grams per square
meter. Sorry but that is about all I

Wayne Jones

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