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Fan noise in CustomSeaLife ABS hoods

>> I recently purchased a 36" CustomSeaLife ABS hood...  ...however, the 
>> produces a high-pitched whine that is driving us nuts.  Has anyone faced 
>> challenge before?

Many thanks to all who responded.  Most suggestions ranged from cleaning 
the intake filter to isolating the fan housing, and I've got several things 
to try.

> Question: why did you put 24" bulbs in your 36" fixture?

My 50gal tank is 36" wide, and the available lamps for this width are 24" 
and 36".  A pair of 36" lamps would produce a total of 180w, and although 
this calcs out to 3.6w/gal, PCs put out a LOT of lumens, and more than one 
old hand advised me that the light from a pair of 24" lamps (110w total) 
would be sufficient.  BTW, I'm not simply using small lamps in a large 
fixture, I had the fixture designed for the smaller lamps, which are offset 
to distribute the light over tha largest possible area.

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com