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Little white bug things

I have a small 2.5 gallon planted tank.  I have 1 oto (I haven't killed any, at least not
in this tank ;-), some snails and 2 amano shrimp as residents.  The plants are crypts,
dwarf sag and willow moss.  There are some little white things that zoom around in the
water.  They move pretty quickly on their own power.  In addition, their movement seems
to have some method.  They move from leaf to leaf rather than just aimlessly running
around.  They are probably from .5mm to about 1mm (there are about 5-10 of them) in
length.  They are in the basic shape of a, well, those little pills that people take that
have power in the middle.  Capsules?  The larger specimens have 2 little antenna type
things on their front (the side that that goes forward when they move).

I also have a headache now from looking at them too long, my eyes are a bit crossed as
well, maybe I'll get a magnifying glass tomorrow.  Ideas as to what they might be?  They
don't seem dangerous or destructive in any way.

I haven't added anything to the tank in the past month or two (except water).  The only
additives are some pmdd macro nutrients, a drop or two of flourish, a little piece of
calcium tab and an algae tab every other week.