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brown thumb

I am a newbie.  I've had a ten gallon tank for about 3 months now,
containing a few cycling fish (4 zebra danios, 2 otocinclus).  The tank
is planted with anubias var. nana, cryptocorne, java ferns, hygro.
polysperma, and parrot feather.  

The crypt is doing well, producing a new leaf every week or so, and the
anubias is growing slowly but surely.   The h. polysperma, on the other
hand, is withering like a hot-house orchid.  It is producing brownish
patches on the old leaves, and the new leaves are yellowing, then
falling off.  The parrot feather is not doing well either.  the feathery
leafs are turning brown on the edges and the older leaves have fallen
off completely.  

I'm not sure why this is happening, as I am using diy co2 (directly into
intake tube), they are getting 1.5w/gal of light 12 hours/day, and I am
giving them Plant Gro fertilizer by Flora Care.  Should I be using a
better fertilizer?  Should the fish load be increased?  Is the wattage
too low?  and can anyone suggest any other hardy plants?  I am not used
to this failure in plant growth; I've got a green thumb for terrestrial
plants and a house full of lush growth.  I'd like the same in my tank.

Thanks in advance,
Keely Bays in beautiful british columbia