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Re: "Planting" Java Fern, Java Moss & Anubias Nana

To attach java fern or another plant to a piece of driftwood, I use fishing line and
tie it down.  The fishing line is nice because it is transparent underwater and holds
a knot well.  It does not dissolve though, so if you do want to remove it later, you
will have to cut it off.  Some people use sewing thread so that it will dissolve on
its own.  Just place the plant where you want it on the wood/rock and wrap the thread
around so that it secures the plant and tie a knot.  The plant will attach roots,
like ivy does on a house, so eventually it will stay on its own and you can remove
the thread.  I believe Java moss and anubias follow the same securing mechanism.  Be
very careful with the Anubias to not damage the rhizome though.

Good luck making a happier environment for your fishes!

Jennifer Glover
Waldorf, MD, USA