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Re: Lighting question

Kim Bryant of A H Supply wrote,

"I'm not sure where the 3.5" x 5.5" info comes from, but our 36-55watt
Bright Kit can easily be used to retrofit the single-tube light strips
from Perfecto or All Glass or many others that come with 24" tanks
such as the 20T gallon tanks.  The reflector is only 2 inches deep, 4
inches across and 22 inches long.  The small ballast can simply be
mounted on the back of the strip (as in this photo:
http://www.ahsupply.com/images/2ftRetro.jpg ) or very easily remote
mounted in the stand (especially for just one bulb because you can
splice the existing power cord  into the ballast-to-lamp wires since
you only need two wires running from the ballast to the lamp)."

These numbers/dimensions came from your website at
It reads, "Each enclosure pictured here measures 24"long x 5.75"
wide x 3.5"high and can be used for one 36w, one 40w or one 55w
bulb." However, it appears that the above refers to the DIY
enclosure and not the minimum dimensions needed to house the
reflector and lamp. I was mistaken.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca