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Re: Web Interaction and Aquarium Education

Steve Dixon just wrote:

> Seriously, I've been futzing around the last couple of days looking at
> web-based interactive software education programs-the ones universities
> use to create interactive web-based courses.  WebCT, LearningSpace,
> Course-in-a-Box, TopClass, etc.  Wouldn't it be a righteous ton of fun
> to create interactive web-based training modules in most areas of
> interest to planted aquarists?  Water  chemistry, plant nutrition,
> Liebnitz Law, lighting, etc.  We could probably take the whole hobby to
> a new level of competency.  Anyone interested?

Following a recent conversation with Erik Olson regarding the headaches
associated with the formulation of the original FAQ's, this sounds like
quite the opportunity for falling hair....

But given the possibilities made available with the spread of the WWW, it
sounds like it could be a great idea. Unfortunately, I'm rather up to my
neck at the moment....

James Purchase