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Cheap CO2

At 03:48 PM 7/20/99 -0400,  Bill Hamlin mentioned:
>>I can get a charged 5lb tank in Winnipeg for $55 

>Bill, this sounds like a great bargain, grab it >(unless the last test
date is old).  Ask your supplier >how long ago it was tested.   I think
>are supposed to be checked every five years or so.

Dave is right. The canisters have to be checked every five years. I
just went through this. There is a date stamped on the bottle near the
top. I bought one that was stamped in 1990. My refill place just swaps
cannisters for full ones. I called them up and they said it would be ok
to swap. When I got there, of course, I got a different guy who
wouldn't take it since it was expired. Fortunately the manager got
involved. He let me swap it, but I had to pay an additional $16 so that
they could retest my cannister. 
Which seemed very reasonable to me. I too bought a used cannister, but
I got the guy to agree to give me
a 30 day trial to get it refilled since it was expired. He agreed to
give me my money back if I couldn't get it filled. So, if you're buying
an expired tank, take into account the additional charge to get it
retested, and the possiblity that you may have to do a lot of running
around to get a place nice enough to take it. Once you swap it out, you
have one of their tanks and you don't have to worry about it, they
don't mind retesting their own tanks.

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