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Re: Potassium carbonate

> From: TFARMS at aol_com
> Subject: Potassium Carbonate
> Has anybody on the list every used Potassium Carbonate to raise KH/GH. I was 
> hoping that I could raise my KH and at the same time provide K for my plants. 
> We use it at the farm to raise the pH of spray solutions from time to time. 

	You would have to add it very slowly, because what you actually
want in solution is the bicarbonate.  This will be formed as the CO3--
reacts with the CO2 in the water, but if you add a lot all at once, you
will effectively wipe out the CO2 and the pH will take a big jump.  It
would not be difficult to hit pH 10.  Be _very_ cautious.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada