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Re: Inexpensive compact flourescent light kits!

on 01:48 AM 7/20/99 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

 >I just received an email from a company offering very inexpensive CF DIY
 >kits. Their web site is at:
 >The prices look great and they have instructions and bulbs available also. I
 >have no connection with this company but thought this might be useful to a
 >lot of hobbyists out there!

I just received their 36-55 watt kit and a 40 watt bulb today and put it 
together. Quality parts and they all worked together well. Good 
instructions, and you can't beat the price. I'm regretting spending $160 on 
a Perfecto SHOlight when I just got a better setup for $40.

The reflectors they include are very good. I have their 40W light on the 
front half of my tank, and the 55W SHOlight on the back half (total 95W for 
a 29, I want to grow higher-light plants.) Despite the wattage difference, 
the front of the tank seems brighter. The ballast can also support 36 or 
55W bulbs if I need to change wattage.

I'm experienced with wiring, but all you really need to do is strip/cut 
some wires, insert into the socket, twist 2 wire nuts together and do the 
physical mounting. It took me about 30 minutes. I mounted it on the lid of 
my existing wooden canopy, "Eclipse" style. I just have to remember not to 
look directly at the lid when I open it now... that thing's BRIGHT.

They answered my questions quickly by email before I ordered. Shipping was 
fast and cheap. The kit was well padded in the box, and every part I needed 
for assembly was included. Highly recommended.

michael moncur   mgm at starlingtech_com   http://www.starlingtech.com/
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