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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1161

I put a single planter of Myriophyllum (normal common name: water
milfoil) in my home tank, which has no light except natural sunlight
(the window faces east) and it grew so much so quickly I had enough to
plant 2 other tanks.  I can't kill the stuff with a chainsaw.  Algae
problems?  Scrub the tank.  Clean the filter regularly.  Vaccuum the
gravel.  Sorry, but there it is.


> From: "Alexander Yohannes Suhendra" <tiger at personal_telkom.net.id>
> Subject: natural sunlight
> can anyone name the  plants  that do well  in tank  that  iluminated by
> natural sunlight ? and how should i do to prevent algae investing the tank ?
> i already put 4 SAEs and  1 CAE.
> Yohannes Suhendra