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Guppy problems (thanks Paul for the reply)

I am not sure what the actual chemicals are, I need to get a water analysis 
from my water company. I thought that the RO unit would take care of the 
Chemicals, it did not. My believe now is that it is either high chlorine or 
chloramine left after RO. I did a water change Sunday with RO water that had 
been aged for a day and a half and had Charcoal box filter in it. The fish 
seem to have had no negative effect from this change.

I do not like chemicals either but I seem to have them placed upon me, so I 
have to deal with the consequences. To tell the truth with all the injection 
type waste disposal that has gone on in Louisiana over the years there is 
know telling what is coming out the well here. 

My water out the tank is 8 to 8.5, so I have had to lower it for the guppies. 
I do not really know much about chemistry, I was one of those art orientated 
people who failed chemistry. Proper Ph and Baking soda was previously suggest 
to me as a possible solution. I though the Sodium bicarbonate was helping 
with the hardness. What would you suggest I do to make my water better suited 
for my guppies? How should I add Ca++/Mg++ and How much? I am very careful 
about the amount of food that I add to these tanks and vacuum up the waste 
which is usually nil when I do water changes. 

Show guppies are very sensitive to water quality. Most have been raised in 
Sterile environments. I believe this sterility is a problem and I am trying 
to breed mine in a more natural environment. Personally I think that these 
guppies have been inbreed so much that they are very susceptible to disease 
also. One of the big time breeder actually recommends as a preventive 
treatment to use Formalin (37% formaldehyde) on a weekly basis. How unnatural 
can you get. The advent of the Guppy Pickle.

Thanks again for your comments and if you would help me with some suggestions 
on Water chemistry I would greatly appreciate it.

Ray Simoneaux